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Myself and Ian have been searching for nanny agencies london for some time.  We spoke at great length to all of the usual suspects and whilst we got some good advice, none of them seemed to offer exactly the kind of approach we were looking for.   We were very particular about the type of nanny we needed. It’s not that we are exceptionally fussy by nature, no more so than the next couple at least, but we have strong beliefs when it comes to parenting and childcare.

We firmly believe in a gentle parenting approach and require the nanny to listen to our children and validate their emotions.  We therefore weren’t looking for nannies who were going to apply traditional disciplinary approaches, and although we completely understand that might be suitable for some families,  it just isn’t for us.  We were recommended Snuggles Childcare ( by the sister of one of Ian’s colleagues after they had placed a temporary nanny with her family for a few months.  The nanny was AP focused in her approach and went on to be offered a full time position.

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So far our dealings with Snuggles has been extremely positive.  I had begun to ask myself whether finding a nanny with all the qualities we were looking for was unrealistic and frankly unachievable.   When I listed all the characteristics that we wanted our nanny to ideally have to some agencies clearly thought that I was setting the bar far too high but we persisted and in the process and interviewed a lot of nannies.  We did find some great candidates but they didn’t tick all of the boxes.   It was different with Snuggles as they obviously look to hire a slightly different type of nanny.  So far we have spoken to four really high-quality nannies through video conferencing which has also been very useful.   They have completely different CVs and wide ranging backgrounds.

I’ve been asked by my friends exactly what is we are looking for.  Well, to sum it up in a few sentences (our job description is a lot longer!) it’s a caring, nurturing and very affectionate person who will take good care of our children but who will also spend time working creatively with them, drawing, painting, singing and generally helping them to develop lots of different aspects of their personalities.  Creativity is a big thing for us and so is child development as a whole.  Leaving our children in the care of anyone is hard enough but we want to think that while we are at works, which is unfortunately a must, that our children will be learning and exploring.

I’d highly recommend giving them a call if you are looking for nannies or babysitters in London and are looking for a someone trained in child development.  I’ll be blogging again about our experiences with our new nanny further down the line.  If you would like any more information about our journey and how we went about drawing up a job description I’ll be happy to talk it through with you. Just drop me a message via my contact form.

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