Moving house can be relatively stress free but you have to be ruthless with junk!

Since we completed on our new house a month ago we’ve been trying to get ourselves organised for the move.  I don’t think we realised quite how cluttered our house was before we started going through all of the junk that had built up around us in 12 years living in Islington!

It quickly dawned on us that when moving house we weren’t going to be able to take everything with us.  There was just too much, and who needs old TVs, VHS players and other outdated technology in 2014? It’s only going to sit gathering dust just like it has for the past decade!  I wouldn’t class Ian as a hoarder but it’s safe to see he isn’t exactly ruthless when it comes to lobbing out old memorabilia.  We have piles of football programmes following a lifetime of visits to Stamford Bridge to watch his beloved Chelsea.  We have piles of clothes.  Wardrobes filled with old jeans and jackets that he vows to fit back into when he’s lost a few pounds (we’ve been waiting a while!). The old clothes went in the skip but we reached an agreement on the football programmes that in our new house they are going to be tucked away somewhere safe.  I do understand that each one holds a memory so if he sticks to his side of the agreement I have no problem.  Time will tell…

The kids have so many toys that never so much as get a 5 minute play these days and thankfully they managed to see reason without too many tears.   We donated a few sack fulls to local playgroups, some charity shops and other good causes.  They understood that the toys would now get a second life and give some other children a lot of pleasure just as they had done for them and it was nice to see some empathy from them.  I think perhaps they were really thinking that by giving away some of their old toys they were making room for some new ones!


So after a couple of weeks of clearing the decks we finally had everything labelled that we wanted to keep and a realistic list of things that we wanted to transfer to the new house.  There is a lot to be said for ones state of mind seeing a clear, junk free home.  I can understand why people love to live in minimal homes although it would be completely impossible for us.  I’ve no doubt our new house will end up piled high with clutter within 5 minutes but i’m going to do my level best to keep it clear.

We decided to use a local house removals London company called Alexanders Removal & Storage to take on the move.  Choosing a removal company is another minefield.  You end up combing through reviews much like we do when we go on holiday on Trip Advisor.  We all know how it works – You read a load of great reviews and then you stumble across a bad one and you start to worry and get put off.   At the end of the day you have to trust your gut and Alexanders had some great reviews and seemed to offer a really personal touch.  They weren’t the cheapest but we have some valuable antique furniture and we would rather pay a little bit more for it to arrive safely.  We’re really glad we chose them as they packed everything brilliantly and thankfully nothing was broken in transit.  They also spent ages unpacking everything and putting it exactly where I wanted which save a lot of time.  I’d definitely recommend them if you are looking for removal companies in London.   Their website has some useful information and they also offer a free survey of your move which is great.  As i say, not cheapest but if you like to have peace of mind as I do then worth looking at.  Anyway, you can check them out here

So here we are. A new house with a bigger garden finally. Rufus is loving it and is currently going bananas. I can see him scampering around now through the kitchen window with the kids in hot pursuit.  For the time being the house is clean, clear and minimal.  Everything is where it should be. I wonder how long it will last…

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